You’ve probably asked yourself: Should Flipboard be part of my brand’s social media marketing strategy? Great question. After all, you tweet your latest blog post headline. You share insider specials with your Facebook fans. You show off your fabulous product photos on your Pinterest boards. All with great success, right? So why Flipboard? Soon after the service’s launch, The Next Web posted a great writeup by Alex Wilhelm, answering this question. In this post, I share a few tips specific to brands. And incase you’re still wondering if Flipboard is a social media marketing opportunity for your brand — In a word; Yes!

  1. Use one Flipboard account for all of your brand’s magazines

    Your readers are more likely to trust, and explore multiple publications associated with your account. The Moment Magazine publishes several successful magazines under one brand.

  2. Share engaging, topic-focused content from Twitter, and across the web.

    This is a great way to become a reliable source for “need to know” topics. Flipping content from the web is a breeze. Just use one of Flipboard’s browser-based “Flip it” bookmarks.

  3. Flip content regularly throughout the day.

    Mornings, evenings, and weekends are great times to add new content to your magazines. Your readers treat Flipboard publications like traditional magazines, so you’ll gain a loyal following when casual readers learn they’ll find fresh content whenever they reach for any of your mags.

  4. Connect your Twitter & Facebook accounts to Flipboard.

    This allows you to automatically share your flips with your audiences on these services.

  5. Promote your products & services.

    With Flipboard, you can set a price and category for your shared content. This feature allows you to create custom catalogs, and product posts that your readers are likely to share with friends.

One additional item to note is that Flipboard also provides a wonderful web-based editorial application for advanced management of your magazines and content.

With these tips, you can start establishing Flipboard relationships right now. Just create that account, name your magazine, and start flipping!

Are you considering Flipboard for your brand? Or maybe you already published a few interesting magazines. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

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